Friday 27th October 2017
Doors 9.00pm
Admission £6

Pay On The Door

Overoth are a Death Metal Band hailing from the Belfast area of Northern Ireland. They formed in late 2005 by four friends with a raw passion for no frills Death Metal. 

The band have been wreaking havoc across the Irish, UK and mainland Europe scenes since the release of their first demo 'Pathway To Demise' and as the focal point of the band's existence, Overoth’s tight, energetic and exciting live performances have gained them the quick respect of the many bands they have shared the stage with including Bolt Thrower, Unleashed, Massacre, Napalm Death, Obituary, Hail Of Bullets, Cattle Decapitation, Sinister, Rotting Christ, Sodom and many more.

“There is an air of confidence and prowess to Overoth that many bands fail to achieve even after lengthy careers. They are focused, tight and almost militaristic in their execution.” - Metal Ireland

With good feedback and confidence from their demo release the band entered the studio again to record new material. Over the late spring of 2007 Overoth recorded 'Death Personified' at Komodo Studios. 'Death Personified' was released on 16th November 2007 instantly followed by a short tour of Ireland and the UK.

"Despite this being a debut, one could swear that they were seasoned veterans of the genre by the way they present the EP." - Metal Observer

2010 saw the opening of a new chapter for Overoth, on 15th February the debut album 'Kingdom of Shadows' was released followed by multiple tours which took the band across UK/Eire & mainland Europe.

"It is clear that the boys of Overoth aren’t messing about. Their brand of no frills, in-your-face death metal is full of twists and turns, technical innovation, and bone- crunching riffage." - Metal Rules

2013 - A new year has begun and the band are in the final stages of writing and are looking to record this year. Watch this space!

This is Overoth - An uncompromising aural assault of raw aggression. This is death personified.