"Welcome to Voodoobelfast.com, our new website, carefully crafted by rock gods and music gurus. We hope you find, within these pages, a mine of useful information on the eclectic entertainment, food and facilities of our humble hostelry.

The Story of Voodoo
A mysterious religion, dead eyed zombies, smokey blues and hazy rock.
That's where we where when we decided to try and reinvent the old Hannigans/Copperfields bar. We sat at a round table, sacrificed a large kebab and summoned the spirits...then drank them all. Our minds were filled with music, mysticism and the hazy thoughts of good times to come . Hundreds of attention grabbing names floated round until suddenly the ginger one in the corner quietly uttered the word......VOODOO.

The haze cleared, the music stopped. We turned to him, totally focused. He nervously shifted in his seat, his wee red beard twitching. That's it we cried!!!

And so it came to pass.

Our bar, our venue, our artistic endeavour, our spiritual home from homes, was born. (So were our jobs, mind you but let's not spoil things.)

At Voodoo you experience music. You eat marvellous food, conjured up from ancient spells, now known as recipes. Cold beer whistles down the pipes to the many draught taps on offer. A good honest measure of the punchiest of spirits will warm your heart.
But most of all you get music!

The tribal rhythms, made locally, grace our stage, while troubadours travel from far and wide to join in.

Do you sing or play?
Why not get down with like minded creatures on a Wednesday and get on that open mic?! You never know who's listening here....

Do you like intriguing variety?
There's no more intriguing than the now world famous granddaddy of Punk, Mr Terry Hooley at his spiritual home, that's when he hasn't been whisked off to LA or Bradbury Place as the case may be.

Thursday night, downstairs bar!
What about some Drum n Bass. Get the masters at DRUMOLOGY DnB.
There’s AFTERGLOW for all things Mod, THE FIEND CLUB playing tunes from the depths of hell and live KARAOKE with a twist.

Sunday, the day of rest, sees THE THIN AIR DJ’s ease the impending doom of a return to work, with some chilled out vibes and chilled out drink prices.
Whatever your preference it’s time to get off your sofa and check out the talent, you might miss something special!

This site is here to make sure you don’t...."